Jake Wood: ‘I decided to stay as president of Human while also leaving Naked Beans’

Poets have been called the “saint of prose” for a reason. The hardest, most difficult task in the literary world is to turn a sentence from the page into an undeniable lyric or poetry….

Poets have been called the “saint of prose” for a reason. The hardest, most difficult task in the literary world is to turn a sentence from the page into an undeniable lyric or poetry. Now imagine doing the same in the world of non-profit organizations. Jake Wood has changed all that.

As a young actor, Jake Wood made a name for himself when he joined the cast of EastEnders as Max Branning in 1999. A decade later, Jake Wood was earning some of the most prestigious acting awards, including Outstanding Performance by a Male Theatre Actor at the Leicester Mercury Drama Awards, and BAFTA nomination for “Best Actor” at the Bristol Old Vic Festival.

Since then, Jake Wood has done everything from stints on BAFTA winners MI-5 and Silk to having stints on shows such as Cold Feet, and Shameless. He now regularly appears in such shows as Manhunt and House of Cards. In 2017, he starred in the science fiction horror show The Night Shift.

Now, Jake Wood is the founder of a nonprofit that provides opportunities for young men and women throughout the United Kingdom and the Caribbean. His nonprofit, Jake Wood Was Once a Warrior, then a Nonprofit Leader. Now he’s an Entrepreneur.

Jake Wood: “I was young, ambitious, and full of myself. I had good intentions but struggled to meet challenges as I went. All things considered, I’ve learned a lot of lessons.”

In 2013, Jake Wood was able to make the leap to the business world, which never seemed so challenging. He launched his first small business, Naked Beans, and in 2015, Naked Beans became the UK’s largest organic ice cream brand.

In 2016, Jake Wood left his position as CEO of Naked Beans. He decided that he wanted to go even further in his entrepreneurial efforts.

At the time, he was the CEO of Human, an inspirational community of people who believe in people’s ability to make a positive change in the world.

“Being committed to human rights, community empowerment, and looking at each case individually, was interesting and challenging,” he said. “At the same time, it provided me with a unique opportunity to learn from and connect with people from different walks of life, who would all tell me the same things and the same challenges about being an entrepreneur.”

We all know that when it comes to entrepreneurship, there’s rarely a single “right” or “wrong” approach. For Jake Wood, he decided to take an alternative approach that would let him bounce between two small business businesses and one big one.

Jake Wood: “[I went from one small business to another, trying] not to have a distraction or make a decision that would hinder the drive that I had in my first business. I decided to stay as president of Human whilst also leaving Naked Beans to focus on the brand new major business which I thought could take many different shapes,” said Jake Wood.

Jake Wood: “When it came to Naked Beans, I decided to leave because they were looking at a possible sale. It meant I was now involved in a much larger deal, and it didn’t feel right for me.”

All of this meant Jake Wood was left with time on his hands, which he used to build businesses. Jake Wood went from being a director of a nonprofit organization to an entrepreneur in the third year of his journey as an entrepreneur.

Jake Wood: “…Having to come up with things that were not in my business model and believing in myself was the basis of what happened. It was purely being willing to say ‘yes’ to being an entrepreneur.”

Despite being the founder of a small non-profit organization, Jake Wood is now an entrepreneur running an international travel and networking company – a line of business he’s been working on for the past year.

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